Do You Need a Sleep Diet?

Do you need a sleep diet? Could be. Skipping sleep can mess with your metabolism and interfere with weight loss. People who don’t get enough sleep have lower levels of leptin (the “satiety” hormone) and higher levels of ghrelin (the “hunger” hormone). The combination is what makes you feel ravenous, especially for sugary foods for instant energy when you’re exhausted.

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Video: ‘The OMG Diet: A Dangerous New Diet or a Quick Fix?’ – FOX 35

There is a new weight loss diet hitting the scene called the OMG Diet. Is it a dangerous new fad or could it actually be a quick fix? I joined Amy Kaufeldt on Fox 35′s Good Day to talk more about it.

Lunch Time!

Eat lunch like a king and dinner like a pauper. Our caloric and metabolic needs peak at midday. Work with your metabolism, not against it.

Breathe and Burn!

Breathe in more oxygen and you burn food more fully.

The digestive system is hungry for oxygen.  Nutrient absorption occurs in the large intestine where large quantities of oxygen are required from the blood to properly breakdown a meal.  Without breathing fully, the blood lacks the necessary oxygen for the intestinal villi to do it’s job–absorption decreases.  This means that we don’t benefit from all of the nutrients in our meal, nor will we metabolize it effectively.

Yet another reason to eat in mindful relaxation!




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Time for Lunch!

Digestive and calorie burning metabolism are strongest when the sun is highest in the sky (lunchtime) and weakest in the late evening hours.

Skipping breakfast and lunch or under eating at these meals slows down metabolism and inhibits weight loss.

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