Stuffing TurkeyHow can you make sure that the turkey is the only one stuffed during the holiday season?

Choose the best and pass on the rest

Take a peek at all the foods being offered at your holiday feast and choose your absolute favorites. Sticking to the foods you prefer and savoring every bite will allow you to celebrate the occasion without feeling deprived.

Eat slowly and naturally downsize your portions

Serve yourself half of what you typically eat.  Then take a breath and slow down before you dig in.  Eating mindfully will allow you a bit of time to recognize your internal cues—to know when you’re beginning to feel full.  The idea is to put your fork down before you’re stuffed.

Spend more time socializing

If you’re focusing on mingling and catching up with family and friends, you’re surely eating in a more relaxed state, which aids in assimilation and metabolism of your meal.  Plus you’ll enjoy the company as much as the food!

Seconds are not mandatory

I know this will come as a shock but…a typical meal is one serving, not two, no matter what day of the year it may be.


But just a little.  If you really, really won’t feel satisfied until you have a bite of that pumpkin cheesecake, then have a bite or two. Resisting a treat that you truly crave will only lead to overeating later.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

So what happens if you can’t resist and eat with reckless abandon during a holiday event? Don’t be too hard on yourself.  Shake it off!  Don’t let one incident define the rest of your holiday eating behavior.